One thing we can all count on is the continuous movement of time. Accepting this fact, that time will never fail to move, gives us leverage in planning, prioritizing and letting go when necessary, "for times' sake."

Basically, we trust that time will continue to move.

The focal point of becoming a trusted source is positive consistency. Here we go..."does that mean I can be rude, incompetent and sluggish in my professional role, as long as I'm consistent?" Well, not so long as you're using this article as one of many tools to becoming a trusted source.

Of course, the type of consistency a trusted source demonstrates is positively influential, and not as evasive as some may think. Sure, home issues, work issues and everything in between can intervene when we're just trying to "put on a happy face" and be who our colleagues need us to be....grief, when we're just trying to be who WE need us to be.

However, making the choice to prepare to be who our colleagues are learning to trust because of our positive influence IS who we need to be...every time. every day...and in diverse ways. You see, that's the challenge of being positively's being consistent. Adding complexity to consistency is the need to be diverse in your consistency. Here's what I mean:

Positively consistent leaders are not only the type who acknowledges their peers every morning, they also offer to give the best information they have, every time they're asked. They ask questions others are fearful to ask, even when it's not rocking their world to get an answer. They check for understanding when they're explaining a complex process to a colleague. They share best practices, unsolicited, just because they remember when they were the one who was trying to get on board. Becoming a trusted source builds solid loyalty with support staff while becoming feared builds eye service and nothing else.

Eye Service is so 1950s!

When I think of eye service I consider various television shows, movies or skits where a boss issued out some sort of command to a worker who gives a hearty, "Yes, Sir," while in the presence of the boss, however, as soon as the boss disappears out of view, plenty of insults would roll off of the tongue of the worker, including plenty of negative body language. Situations like the fictional account I illustrated imitates real life, because eye service is alive and well, but it doesn't have to be our least not malignantly.

Eye service is today's fake news, and it's counterproductive to professional excellence! You see, it's those positively genuine and trusted actions, practiced consistently, which will bring you the greatest return on your investment. People investment, aimed strategically, is NEVER a waste! You won't have to manipulate (which is a serious energy drainer, and just plain crappy behavior), when you've become a trusted source. You won't need to look over your shoulder (as much) when you're leading from a place of accessibility and positive consistency, because branding yourself as a person who can be trusted will bring you what you need, exactly when you need it, from the same people you took the time to lead effectively.

Side note: branding yourself, by the way, as a trusted source is truly an inside-out job. It's hardly something you can fake for long, particularly, if your intentions are merely for selfish gain.

People, I've noticed, like to see their trusted sources WIN! Why? Because when someone they trust, who has demonstrated a WE attitude wins, it can feel like a win for everyone. Don't believe me? Try it. Just remember, building trust takes time and some will, remarkably, fight hard not to trust you, usually because they aren't very trustworthy...but that's a conversation for another day.

To that demographic I say don't spend your energy trying to make anyone understand your intentions for collective and profitable gains. Continue to work on your accessibility (not the same as overarching) and be positively consistent! Eventually, one day, the skeptic or even worse, the undermining type, will either get on board or get out of the way. Whatever they choose to do or not do, however, is not your battle.

Most people want to be guided by an accessible and positively consistent leader so that's the service you'll provide, by and by.

Crystal Black

Learning Leader

Customer Service Clinic

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