Leadership acumen has always been a pain point for organizations, teams and individuals...

Now more than ever organizational leaders are partnering with their internal human resource professionals or talent development firms to include leadership building into their strategic plans.

It's good business and time very well spent to prepare for the transition of an organization through succession planning! However, it is critical for organizational leaders to consider the immeasurable attributes which are the true lighthouse to leadership efficacy and building trust.

After all, it's the process of building trust which separates those leaders you may consider change agents to those you'd simply liken to props or an interim thingamajig.

Those attributes effective leaders employ which propel them to the status of a positive influencer are commonly called enhanced soft skills but for my visual learners' sake I'll call them bridging skills.

A bridge creates a better visual, I feel. Can you picture it, starting from one place or platform and crossing over to the next by way of a solid link, connector or skill? Hopefully, you can.

Leaders of the new day must be accessible

Now, before you sarcastically quip, "well duh... of course... my door is always open!" Here me out... When I say accessible, I don't mean easy to locate or within arms reach, although that level of connectivity is useful. The accessible leader I'm referencing is one who is continuously improving, building engagement, beckoning inclusion, and therefore, always driving internal and external engagement.

She realizes that her level of accessibility can make or break the ability of her staff to truly excel. The accessible leader won't wait for you to need her, she will come to you. She won't bludgeon you with her wants and needs before making her purpose clear, and she will allow you space to share your thoughts with her at a mutually beneficial time.

Accessible leaders aren't watching out for your mistakes (that's so low level, by the way), because accessible leaders know you'll make mistakes, as do they. They're more interested in your recovery, because your value, no doubt, exceeds your occasional hiccup in understanding, decision-making or direction. How a person recovers, by the way, is more telling of their character than the initial misstep.

The accessible leader wants to know your name and what motivates you because he's certain you've got magic and he's ambitious for the all-access pass to your talent. He doesn't want the pass just for the sake of the organization's success. Instead, he knows if he can help you maximize your own potential, as a byproduct, the organization will benefit!

Accessibility opens the door to better quality, honesty, growth and creativity. Leaders who possess or are developing their own accessibility lay the foundation for the other leadership qualities to bloom!

Crystal Black

Learning Leader

Customer Service Clinic

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